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Grey Nomads Australia
Thursday, 24 Apr 2014
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Welcome to Grey Nomads Australia

Grey Nomads Australia’s aim is to share the passion, share the knowledge and share the excitement of life on the road.

We cannot stress enough how wonderful it is to determine a destination, hook up your choice of BYO accommodation and just go for it. There is nothing more satisfying than becoming your own personal tour guide and seeing Australia at your own pace.

Grey Nomads Australia’s website is designed to provide easy access to information, is built by adventurous people who live and love the lifestyle, and encourages members to contribute their valuable input. After all, Grey Nomads Australia’s members are the ones out there doing it, experiencing it and loving it.

Join us and make Grey Nomads Australia your ultimate information centre. Discuss everything from wheel nuts to Wineglass Bay by interacting with fellow grey nomads via our forum. Read and enjoy each other’s fun and adventures in our articles or buy or sell something of interest in our classifieds section. Come on board and meet the Driving Force Discovering Australia.




LSM Technologies

How often have you spotted a shredded tyre on or beside the road? How often have you sighted or read about an accident involving a rolled vehicle or caravan? A high percentage of tyre failures are attributed to them being run at the wrong pressure for extended periods of time, however early detection allows the driver more time to react and avoid a possible inconvenience or worse, catastrophe.

An incorrectly inflated tyre also impacts on vehicle handling, increasing braking distances and reducing cornering stability plus accelerates the wear on the tyres and can increase fuel consumption.

LSM Technologies are a world leading developer of durable and effective Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems.



Great Aussie Holiday Park is located on the banks of Lake Hume and is your complete outdoor adventure playground created to offer you the ultimate holiday experience. Great Aussie Holiday Park covers over one hundred hectares of scenic rural landscape with two kilometres of private foreshore on the banks of Lake Hume.

We are located midway between Sydney and Melbourne, and offer the perfect location and facilities for those who enjoy a relaxed lifestyle, family reunions, sporting and community groups, as well as family holidays and quiet retreats for two.



One of the most important things when you’re on the road is having the ability to stay in touch with your family and loved ones. These days most of us wouldn’t be without a mobile phone as we make our way around the wide brown land.

Modern smart-phones can do so much more than making phone calls and sending text messages. Most have high-quality cameras that are capable of taking and sending pictures with a few simple button pushes. You can surf the internet, or catch up with the folks on Facebook. You can even send and receive emails- all from your mobile phone.


Gold prospecting and fossicking opportunities in Australia draw people from far and wide. This hobby combines several different aspects of our human nature; our desire to explore, to keep our senses active, the need to exercise and the potential reward of financial gains. Since gold and treasure can be found in virtually every part of Australia, prospecting has become a popular way for grey nomads to use their time and energy whilst exploring this vast country.