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Whether your caravan is under tow, parked at a beautiful location or in storage, there is something we all have in common. The need for peace of mind. Your caravan may be your home or your home away from home. Either way, it's important that you are protected against loss or damage to your caravan and its contents. Here are a few points to consider when shopping around for a suitable insurance policy:

Is the price competitive?

Is the policy based on agreed value or market value?

Does the policy cover accessories and optional extras such as the annexe, solar panels, satellite dish and air conditioner? Will the insurer cover your personal contents inside your caravan? What about theft of personal belongings?

Do they offer coverage Australia wide, anytime and anywhere? Do they offer a 24/7 helpline? Do they offer roadside assistance in the event of a break down?

Will they assist with the costs of emergency accommodation and travel in the event that your caravan is stolen or becomes uninhabitable while youre on the road?

Will they cover the cost of transporting your caravan to a repairer in the event that it is damaged and cannot be towed? Will they also cover the costs of storing your caravan after such an event?

Will they cover your legal liability for any loss or damage to other peoples property?

Do they offer incentive schemes such as a discount if you combine all your policies? Or an over 50s reduced premiums reward because of your years of experience? What about discounts if you have the incentive to undergo a towing course? What about a discount if you pay online?

Does your insurer offer you flexible and convenient payment options such as monthly or annually?

If your caravan is stolen or damaged beyond repair before it is one year old, will the insurer replace your caravan with a new one and pay the on-road costs? If your caravan is more than a year old, will the insurer pay the amount based on its current value?

In the event that your caravan is damaged, will the quality of workmanship and the materials authorised by the insurer in the repairs be guaranteed for the life of the caravan, even if you sell it?

Will the policy cover acts of God such as floods, fires and storms?

Be aware that your choice on insurance is minimised if your rig requires a truck licence to drive. If you are planning on investing in such a rig, please do your legwork on insurance companies available to you prior to purchasing. If buying from a dealer, it would be easiest to ask them for a recommendation.

Keep in mind that your recreational vehicle, caravan or trailer may not be covered by insurance if you fail to comply with legislation. Some examples are as follows:

The driver of the car towing your caravan was under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs.

The driver of the car towing your caravan was not licensed or authorised to drive it.

Your caravan or the car towing your caravan is not roadworthy or unsafe condition that contributed to the accident.

Your caravan is loaded above the legal limit or loaded in an illegal way.

Your caravan is converted, altered or modified from its makers specifications. 

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