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Costs involved when Travelling

The cost of travelling Australia is entirely up to the individual’s idea of travel. Where we go, the distance we cover, where we stay, what we choose to eat and what we would like to see all have an impact on what travelling costs.

The initial cost is the outlay for a rig of choice. Depending on if you are happy with your reliable HQ Holden and double swag or cannot fathom touring Australia in anything less than a Winnebago will determine such an outlay.

What we pack or must take may be a cost factor. Then again, we may have always owned a camera, sheets, towels, kitchenware, clothing, a gas bottle, a generator, soaps and shampoos, a tinny, fold up chairs and a portable barbecue.

Fuel is possibly the next expense after investing in your BYO accommodation of choice. Be aware that once you have left the major cities or towns, fuel prices may be near double. In rarely visited remote parts of Australia, expect to pay more again.

For example, based on 2009 prices, Mt Isa was $1.25pl for diesel, yet Three Ways road house was $1.75pl. However, in 2005 we paid $1.95pl at One Arm Point, north of Broome. Be aware that fuel consumption from driving around with the groceries will also be a lot different to fuel consumption when towing. Certain conditions, such as headwinds, will consume more fuel again. Play it safe and be prepared with extra fuel on board.

Caravan park prices vary from one extreme to another. It all depends on location, quality, seasons and holiday periods.

For example, based on 2009 prices, a powered site at Mission Beach Council Caravan Park, Nth QLD, cost $109 per week. In comparison an ensuite site during school holidays at Ocean Beach Holiday Park, NSW, cost $100 per night.

However, your trip around Australia does not have to limit you to caravan parks. Australia offers free camps throughout and there are also farm stays and house sitting opportunities as well. If on a working holiday, sometimes free or cheaper accommodation may be part of the working arrangement.

There are obviously tours and attractions you would love to experience, so allow them in your expenditure. This may also include dining out, exploring markets, hiring snorkelling gear or buying the DVD of your white water rafting experience.

Food prices fluctuate, but they do at home anyway.

At the end of the day, if you never ever go, you never ever know. Or shall we say; the experience is priceless. Or how about, we come into the world bare-bummed, and we leave bare-bummed. Enough nomadic ponderings for now, just go ahead and enjoy the lifestyle.

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