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Before you go

Leave your mark at the Daly Waters Pub, NT 

We're often asked how people started leaving behind their mark. As far as we can tell, it all started in the 80's with a drinking bet between a coach driver and his female passengers. But it's not just bras our pub is draped in. The walls are lined with all sorts of treasures from people that just want to leave a part of themselves here. But seriously, who packs an Irish hurling stick in their luggage? An Irishman.

Have a Good night's sleep

When travelling the long distances in the outback, a good nights sleep can make or break the trip. Whether you’re unrolling a swag, pitching a tent or poshing it up, we have something for you at Daly Waters.

You want comfort, air-conditioning and affordable digs for the night. We offer multiple types of accommodation ranging from safari tents to deluxe 2 bedroom cabins where you can have a moment of silence from the kids.

Treat yourself to a Swig of the Amber Nectar

We focus on the important things in life such as cold beer and filling wine glass up past the line. No one is entirely sure why our beer tastes so good. Some say it's the range of six beer on tap served at -1 degrees ...between you and me, it's probably more because it's bloody hot outside and you're in the middle of the outback.

& we do more than just Shrimps on the Barbie

If you want awesome pub grub, you've come to the right place. News of such awesomeness has even made it all the way back to the internet. The loin of kangaroo will get you hopping and the crocodile slider might make you a bit snappy but the chicken schnitzels will set you off clucking into the night.

Find Us Right in the middle of Whoop Whoop!

Stuart St, Daly Waters, NT 0852

Travelling south from Darwin approx. 600kms. Turn right off the Stuart Highway 3kms to the pub. Travelling north from Alice Springs approx 900kms. Turn left off the Stuart Highway.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
On the blower: 08 8975 9927


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