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About Grey Nomads Australia

Why join the Driving Force Discovering Australia?

Because this site is about you!

You are the one living the dream.

You are not sitting on a lounge chair experiencing Australia and what Australia has to offer via a remote control.

You are the one with BYO accommodation; going where you like, when you like and how you like, deciding what to see, what to experience and what to enjoy.

You are the one discovering Australias diverse countryside, inclusive of red deserts contrasting against blue skies, reefs abundant with life, dense rain forests, unique bushlands, magnificent gorges, waterfalls and more.

You are the one discovering our beautiful cities, our laid back country towns, our history, our resources and industries.

You are the one enjoying happy hour with fellow grey nomads, sharing the passion and excitement.

You have the experience, the tips, the recommendations, the ideas, the recipes, the knowledge, the information that we all want to know.

You love sharing your experiences and adventures with fellow grey nomads.

You are the one who is going to inspire and encourage future grey nomads. You are the one who is going to say Go for it!


Join Grey Nomads Australia and receive for free the following as a registered member:

·         Ongoing information relevant to this wonderful lifestyle of travelling Australia at your own pace, whilst being your own personal tour guide.

·         The ability to join in forum discussions, meet like minded people travelling Australia, pick each others’ brains for useful tips and information and benefit from one anothers contributions.

·         Find entertainment by reading fellow grey nomads’ experiences and adventures through our articles.

·         The ability to find what you need by using our user friendly products and services directory.

On the road we often meet friends for life. It comes naturally in this relaxed lifestyle as we all have a common goal; to enjoy the magnitude, beauty and diversity our wonderful country has to offer. 

Become a Grey Nomads Australia member and share with fellow grey nomads all the excitement and information that travelling Australia has to offer. If this sounds like you, become part of the Driving Force Discovering Australia today.

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