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Of course, all of this comes at a cost. In our experience there is a trade-off involved when you look for a mobile service provider for your travels. Typically, the choice is either to go for maximum coverage on the Telstra network at a premium price, or take a bargain deal with inferior coverage, and quite possibly inferior service on one of the other networks. Wouldnt it be great if you could get the best of both worlds? Well, we believe we have found exactly that with new service provider C Mobile.

C Mobile was started by colleagues Jamie Coleman and Peter Huxley. Between them they have in excess of 30 years experience in the mobile industry. C Mobile has the express purpose of providing no-nonsense, straight forward and easy to understand mobile plans, with a choice of networks and great customer service. The market is flooded with confusing plans that talk about $500 worth of value for $40. We all know that is ridiculous. If the networks were truly selling $500 worth of airtime for $40 they would be out of business very quickly. It is the equivalent of a baker selling 5 loaves of bread for $1! said Coleman. When you dig below the surface of these plans, you find things like 40c connection fees, 99c per minute rates and calls charged in 30 second or even 1 minute blocks. This can mean a call lasting 1 minute and 1 second can cost in the order of $2-40. Ouch

C Mobile plans are provided on either Telstra or the brand new Vodafone network. They have straight-forward, easy to understand rates, and no hidden surprises. Take the $19-90 C Blue plan on the Telstra 3G network for example. Included in the plan is over 2 hours of talk time plus 500Mb of data per month- more than enough data to keep up with your emails and stay in touch Facebook friends, as well as getting a bit of web-surfing in. Calls are charged at a simple 15c per minute with no flag-fall. And here is a pleasant surpriseif you exceed your included value, there are absolutely no exorbitant penalty rates. You simply continue to pay 15c per minute for your calls. You would be very hard pressed to find a plan like this for twenty bucks on the Telstra 3G network anywhere else. Its ideal for travellers who are on a budget (like most of us are!) who also want the peace of mind of Telstra coverage.

If maximum coverage isnt an issue where youre going, the C Mobile C Red plans come in even cheaper! Based on the brand new Vodafone 3G network, you can pick up a casual plan starting at $0 per month and simply pay for what you use, all the way up to an unlimited calls plan including 2Gb of data for $49.90 per month. Again you get the peace of mind of simple low call rates, which dont jump up if you happen to exceed your included value. Vodafone has really lifted its game since the much publicised melt-down in 2010, said Huxley. Its now a great option for those who are sticking to the major towns. I have actually been using Vodafone for my personal phone, and I have to say that I am impressed with the quality of the new network. C Mobile also offers free calls between all customers on our C Red plans. You can get one for you and one for your kids and never have to pay to stay in touch!

C Mobile plans are all month-by-month plans, and you can easily bring your existing number with you. You are never locked in to a long-term contract, and you can leave any time you like. We never tie our customers in to a contract, said Coleman. We believe that providing great service and a choice of networks at the right price is a far better way of keeping a customer than locking them in for 24 months.

We agree.

Visit www.cmobile.com.au to sign up, or call 1300 545 000

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