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Meet Sharon

Howre you going? My name is Sharon Smedley. Some of you may remember me as Sharon Jamieson.

I have predominantly grown up on the Central Coast, NSW, attending both primary and high school locally before being trained as a Driving Instructor as my career move. I lived the wild life of a Manual Driving Instructor for several years, dodging many licenced drivers on the road whilst listening to the gossip of 17 year old Learner drivers.

When I met my husband Paul Smedley, my life took on a direction of travel. And what an exciting, new and wonderful direction that was.

I love Australian flora and fauna, landscapes, oceans and skies of natural beauty. I also love photography, real coffee, taking long walks whilst taking in Australias unique surroundings, indulging in a cold beverage and fun conversation during Happy Hour and warm to hot weather. Travelling this magnificent country not only opened up the opportunity to enjoy all that I already love, but also to learn and experience more than I had anticipated or expected.

Paul had already enjoyed a lap of Australia prior to meeting me, so I left all the hard work and preparation to him, simply climbed in the passenger seat with my camera, and off we went. This is how I discovered Paul is also a keen fisherman and found myself reluctantly enduring many nights in mozzie and midge infested campsites. We married whilst travelling, on the beautiful wood fired Paddle Steamer Emmylou on the Murray River, followed by a dirty weekend catching yabbies out of muddy water. That is Pauls idea of romance.

We had planned to travel Australia for 2 years, however this country is huge and has a lot to offer, so our adventure turned into almost 5 years. Somewhere along the line I drew the short straw without actually realising it, by jagging a job in a fishing village. I guess you could say we were on a working holiday - I worked whilst Paul holidayed, but I must admit we ate well. We ate so much seafood I started to crave hamburgers.

Since our big adventure, we have thoroughly enjoyed shorter ones and more often than not head north for the winters to escape the dreaded cold.

One thing I love about travelling Australia is meeting all the different people and hearing their stories. Not just other people with BYO accommodation in tow, but also the locals. Australians have their own individual backgrounds and love to get involved in a chinwag. There is no better way to learn about this country, than through a fellow Aussie.

Paul and I never owned a computer, nor accessed the internet before, yet had this amazing brainwave of an idea. To create a website where everyone can meet everyone and share in the exciting experience of discovering this magnificent country. Hence the creation of Grey Nomads Australia! It hasnt been easy, as initially I had to learn how to turn a computer on and Paul still insists on using carrier pigeons as opposed to Australia Post.

But this is where we are at, and I hope through yours and our enthusiasm, we inspire others to travel and enjoy the adventures Australia has to offer.

Welcome to Grey Nomads Australia -The Driving Force Discovering Australia.

We look forward to meeting you either via our website or on the frog and toad.

Sharon Smedley

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