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Weve all been tasted by something on our travels, havent we? Whether it be a mozzie, tick or leech in need of a feed, or a hoard of pesky flies. No matter which state or territory you visit there is one thing you are guaranteed to experience, and that is a hungry population of insects and arachnids.

Did you know the female bush fly wants protein? They need it to develop their ovaries, to prepare eggs for the next generation of bush flies. They get protein from your tears, saliva, and mucus in your nose and from your blood if you have any fresh cuts. Sometimes they drink sweat because it's useful if the flies are thirsty.

Did you know the female mosquito wants protein? For the same reason as the flies, mosquitoes require the proteins in your blood to produce fertile eggs. Females require a new blood 'meal' for every nest they lay, and produce about 250 eggs per meal. In fact any parasite that latches onto your epidermis is after your blood. Not a pleasant thought is it?

Introducing YA MATE Insect Repellent; for protection against all biting and flying insects including mozzies, midges, flies, ants, fleas, ticks and leeches.

Whats in YA MATE?

YA MATE is a natural and organic personal insect repellent containing a combination of essentials oils including Lemon Myrtle, Lavender, organic Citronella, Lemongrass and Mint. Because there is a combination of oils used, it increases the repelling action compared to a lot of other natural repellents. YA MATE is non toxic and Australian owned and made.

Extensive field testing has been done on YA MATE from the wilds of Africa to the wetlands of Weipa, North Queensland. It has been tested by the Hunter wetlands volunteers, National Parks and Wildlife, professional fishermen in Victoria, NSW, Queensland and the Northern Territory, volunteers with Mission Australia in Uganda, tour guides from Kakadu National Park and Army personnel in East Timor. YA MATE has been perfected over fifteen years trying different oils and varying combinations to increases the effectiveness so that it rivals the toxic and chemical established repellents that contain DEET.

YA MATE is available as a lotion, convenient and suitable for repelling insects or relieving the sting or itch after being bitten. YA MATE is also available as a spray. This is an incredibly versatile product for use against biting insects. You mix the concentrate with water at whatever percentage suits the conditions or usage. It will give extra protection if used with the lotion as it can also be sprayed on your clothes and hair, great protection from nits, ticks and leeches. It can be added to your dog or horse shampoo to protect against fleas, mozzies, midges etc. It can be sprayed on surfaces to deter cockroaches and ants and bedding to get rid of mites and bed bugs.

YA MATE also comes as beeswax burners and burning oil; great for barbecues and the inevitable Grey Nomad happy hour. YA MATEs beeswax burners are an effective and non messy way of getting rid of mozzies and midges. The beeswax is blended with a special blend of oils and is used in the top of your oil burners. They last for up to 20 hours and can then be topped up with a few drops of the burning oil. They quickly solidify once your blow out your candle, mess free!

And for those who love to wet a line there is now FISHING MATE! Using our tried and true YA MATE spray formula we have now added an organic fish attractant. Great for fishermen and women to use to protect themselves from biting insects while not scaring away their catch!


For further information please contact Ray on 0406 671 359 or Helen on 0415 646 060.
YA MATEs email address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Have a go and be chemical and bite free!

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