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World first Video Clinometer brought to you by Wreckcreation Pty Ltd

Hi and Welcome to the Wreckcreation.

I just want to run through a few things about this app and what it can and can't do.

Your Phone / Tablet must be firmly mounted with no vibration and preferably be able to get a charger on it.
You need the phone to be vertical and horizontal. So park you car on flat ground whilst setting up, you can see these figures when you turn on the App.
I also have part of the bonnet and light bar in view to give perspective and to prove I'm not just holding my phone.
Give your self a bit of time to mess around with it and get familiar with the screens before you go out so when you record your first footage you get the best shot the first time. 

On a Serious Note - Please remember !!!
This App is a guide only.
Stay within manufacture guidelines. All 4WDs have different Climb, Descent and Roll Limits. And this changes with Load, Speed, Tyre pressures, Track conditions, Wet, Dry, Sand, Rock, etc. What you did yesterday might not be possible today and visa versa.
Wreckcreation Pty Ltd is not responsible or liable in any way for any injury or damage sustained to persons or property in conjunction with this App. 

This App WILL NOT:
Tow you out, Put you back on your wheels, Fix busted parts, Fill your tank or Feed you. 

So please be prepared for Self Recovery or Travel with Others.

Set and forget !!!
Remember to look where you are going and NOT at the App screen.
You can watch it later over campfire and a coldie.
Try to keep the videos short.
Its easy to do, Just press the record button on the front screen when you get to something worthy and when you get past it press stop.

You get the picture! 

One more thing there is a microphone so . . .

Have some nice music going to drown out the screeching and possible descriptive language of passengers that would turn your videos from 'G' to 'X'

That's so your Mum can also see what you've been up to.

I suppose you could always turn the sound down! 

Cheers Grant

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