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Critters, Creatures and Hitch Hikers

Is there is something about travelling Australia that we all need to be aware of? When you cross the border is there something lurking in the shadows, trees, depths or amenity blocks that nobody warned us about?

What may live in your particular state or suburb may not necessarily be what you will meet when you cross the lines from state to state. On the other hand, what does reside in your state may also be a surprise to grey nomads that are visiting.

We may be aware that great white sharks tend to haunt the cold oceans of southern Australia whilst the prehistoric crocodile dominates Australias northern coastline complete with the warning that dipping a toe in the water may result in becoming lunch.

Cockroaches may terrorise you during hot summer nights in parts of eastern New South Wales whilst Queenslands infamous male cane toad not only sings their call of love and hope during rainfall, they double up as a lethal weapon if you decide to lick one.

Mice plagues in the outback can be anyones worse nightmare and locust plagues can clog your radiator and smudge your windscreen beyond visibility.

Huge bird eating spiders, crawling centipedes and scorpions, annoying biting mozzies, midges and marsh flies and more are out there waiting to say hello. They are a happy part of the arthropod world and are as welcomed as the bull ant, green ant, wasp, redback and funnelweb.

Australia boasts the worlds top ten deadliest snakes. That means there is more for grey nomads to be aware of and respect. It has been said time and time again, leave them alone and they will leave you alone. Hospital statistics confirm this to be true.

Has anyone warned you of the house gecko? This sublime creature doubles up as a wall decoration and is more than happy to move into your premises on wheels and generally hitch hike around the country. Cleverly blending into your decor or hiding away in an impossibly tight crevice, you may not realise this reptilian squatter has moved in. Until, of course, you turn off the lights, hear some strange kissing sounds, look at your other half believing they are hinting towards some affection and then spot a shadow moving swiftly across the ceiling.

You turn the lights on only to find a statue like four legged miniature dinosaur; its ribs throwing the occasional breath as evidence it is definitely not part of the decor. Stealth, silence, the ability to cling to walls better than spider man and being nocturnal, the house gecko is known as a house gecko due to its readiness to adapt to and coexist with humans. It likes coexisting with humans so much it likes getting into your electrical wiring causing electrical malfunctions or mummifying themselves in your hubcaps.

Have you experienced a pleasant or not so pleasant encounter with one of Australias critters, creatures or hitchhikers? Please let us all know via GNAs forum under category Article Feedback.

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