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Fess Up, I Wouldn't be the Only One

Carol had only one thing to do on their checklist. That one thing was to disconnect the power lead running from their caravan to a power source. Did Carol manage her task?

Carol and Steve Ransley were packed and ready for their first major trip around Australia in their Jayco pop top caravan towed with their Hyundai Terracan. It was early in the morning, about 4am, as they hoped to beat the traffic.


Carol explains, We had a checklist of final things to do. I had only one thing on my list (which in hindsight meant he didnt trust me) and that was to disconnect the extension lead from the house. It was easy; all I had to do was walk up to the metre box and pull the cord. I did as instructed and unplugged the end of the lead from the house and happily jumped in the passenger seat to head off on our big trip around Australia.

The motor kicked over and my husband, Steve, asked me if I had disconnected the lead from the house? My confident reply was yes! Clicking our seatbelts into place we were very excited about what we were about to discover and what adventures may be ahead of us. We were also a little apprehensive knowing we were leaving our boys behind.

We would have been two kilometres from home when Steve made a right hand turn onto a busy main road. He looked into the rear vision mirror during the turn and spotted fifteen metres of electrical cord trailing behind the caravan.

Steve says, I couldnt believe what I was seeing and said to Carol that I thought she had pulled the plug out. Defiantly Carol stated that she had. That I told her to pull it out of the house and that is exactly what she did!

Honestly, he needs to be more specific with his instructions. Carol laughs.

Steve pulled over and I was made to jump out and retrieve the extension cord, winding the lead across a main road. I was so grateful we made the decision to head off before the major traffic arrived.

Further down the track we camped in a caravan park in Glen Innes and again it was my responsibility to disconnect the extension lead. Packed and ready to go, we climbed into our car, our seatbelts were secured and once more we were anticipating what adventures and scenery awaited us. We were just pulling out of the caravan park site when the man in the site beside us started yelling Stop! Stop!

We were thinking What have we done?’

Climbing back out of our car to see what the fuss was, it turned out our extension cord was still connected to the van and the power box and as we were driving off the cord had wrapped around this mans annexe and dismantled one pole before he stopped us going any further. Oops!

Steve continues, We have been on the road for ten months to date and are having a fantastic time. We certainly havent seen all of Australia yet but what we have seen is truly unique and beautiful. We have admired Australias forever changing landscapes and all that lives amongst it, visited many historical sites and learnt more about our heritage. We have visited lookouts, climbed trees, walked boardwalks, eaten out, visited wineries and breweries, gone fishing, kayaking, camel riding, the list goes on and on. There is so much to see and do. We have battled flies, mosquitoes, hot and cold weather, rough roads and even happy hour most evenings.

Over Christmas we flew home from Perth to Sydney to see our boys so all is well. This lifestyle is great; no wonder so many are doing it.

Travelling Australia is fantastic and you certainly discover and learn a lot as you go. I am still in charge of unplugging the extension cord but Steve always double checks. I am happy to report, especially to those who may find themselves camped beside us, that it hasnt happened again, Carol laughs.

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