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GNA Conversations that have put a Smile on my Dial

Grey Nomads Australias forum currently has over 14,000 messages; all interesting, many with valuable information and some most amusing. GNA members no doubt share a sense of adventure, humour and camaraderie.

Below are a few quotes from our forum that have certainly put a smile on my dial:

Re: What to pack?
You have asked the $64,000 question. The first thing he packed for every trip was his sense of humour.
Weight and storage became an issue in our early days because we both had opinions on what was more important, my egg whisk or his sinkers.

Re: Why didnt I think of that?
If you can't fix it with a hammer, it must be electrical!

Re: Majestic caravans
This is a forum working at it's best, enabling us to put our views across and debating them amongst ourselves.

Re: On the road again at last
Good on you, nogonomads, and don't look back! After all you're not going that way anyway, LOL!

Re: New member
Sometimes at the end of a long rough day, I get out of the Landcruiser and look back at the van and shake my head in disbelief that it is still there!

Re: Were Off!
We are on the road. Yippeeeeeeee!!!!!!!
Hope you are thirsty when we eventually meet cos the cans are cold and I am still practising the fine art of daintily sipping them empty.

Re: Just about done it
Question please - where do grey nomads go to during school holidays no no not a lead up to a joke, its a genuine question.
Quick and easy answer...bush.

Re: Very excited
What a fantastic site GNA is!
This is a great site.

(Sorry, just blowing our own horn but thanx again for the compliments everyone)

Re: Happy hour tip
Just don't yell at all. Keep your calm in public then when all set up give all the onlookers a bow (B4 going inside and kicking each others arse).

Re: Is this possible
I can drive, but like all husbands, my guy needs practice being a passenger!

Re: Wanting to be nomads
The creaking bones don't make as much noise. But I still have my good looks and modesty, of which I am full of.
Well that bloody demon "WORK!!!" has slowed our van searching this week but now we can go back and concentrate on the more important things in life "BEING A GREY NOMAD!" ha ha!

Re: Hopefully getting to know you
I had an embarrassing moment when I forgot to take my towel to the shower blocks. I couldn't decide to get dressed whilst wet or cover up and make a run for my caravan. I made the wrong choice.

Re: Am I crazy?
Of course you're crazy and so are we.
It is so good to hear that we have joined a group of crazy people!!

Re: Caravan slogans
If you can read this sticker I have lost my caravan, LOL!

Re: Critters
Put 2 yabbie pots in last night. A few yabbies and also 3 tiny tortoises, not much bigger than a 50 cent piece. Smallest ones I've ever seen. I suggested having them on toast for breakfast, but Judy couldn't see the funny side of that so I had to put them back.

Re: Diesel
There are two things I never spill. I reckon you know what they are.

Re: Inverters Part two
I dont need a hair dryer or electric shaver you would need a victa mower to shave my legs.

Re: What a year
Dear Lord, All I ask for in 2011 is a big, fat bank account and a slim body. Please do not mix these up like you did last year. Amen
Nothing could be colder than Melbourne at the moment. I saw a dog attached to a lamp post.

Re: The Bucket List
I will definitely keep this ride on my bucket list. Now to grow my hair so it flows romantically like in the movies (and keep hair brush and anti tangling hair product at the ready).

Re: Our practice free camp weekend
Nice little campsite..... but no jumping pillow? hire peddle cars or screamin 'rug rats'. How could you think about not parking up next to rows of other vans and have to put up with all that silence or bird noise. Tsk Tsk try better next time!

Re: Weve done it!
Biggest difference this trip is that this time the trip is forever, not months. So, because somethings are out of my control, all I can do is slow down, take a deep breath and have a beer. If that don't work I'll just try another beer.

Re: Beef stew with beer
I see the forum is going strong and there are more members to play with. And I see regardless of the topic, they seem to sway towards the subject BEER! So I thought I would share a BEER recipe with you all, LOL!
What a great recipe. If the missus won't cook it I will simplify it to suit my cooking skills and try it without the beef, onions, garlic, butter, flour, paste, mushrooms, sugar and spices.
The only thing I could find a use for XXXX Gold was for putting out the fire. Filtering it through your kidneys first is optional of course though.

Re: Advice on Cape York
Weipa is worth a look and has one of the worlds largest bauxite mines. As for the waterholes, play it safe and send the missus in first, he he.

Re: Great gifts for grey nomads
I've been hinting for months. NAVMAN!!!!!!!!!!!
A bottle of good red would suit this grey nomad.

Thank you all for your contributions to Grey Nomads Australia. May the road rise up to meet you and may the wind always be at your back.



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