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Adventure before Dementia

Have you been putting the weetbix in the fridge and the milk in the cupboard lately?

According to research this is meant to be a sign of intelligence. Apparently if you found you were doing this on a regular basis, it proves you are too smart to deal with the motions of day to day living, yet you are also able to equate complex situations.

Of course when we find ourselves souring the milk and chilling the breakfast cereal, we like to believe what we read.

We generally believe anything we read, providing it agrees with us. Just like the captivating articles we read in influential magazines. For example you may have read something similar to the following as a guideline to losing 10 kilograms in less than 10 days.

4 litres of grapefruit juice followed by a tablespoon of fish oil spread lightly on a rice cracker.
Steamed beetroot topped with capers served on a bed of toasted pine nuts and blanched asparagus.
One boiled potato, freshly chopped spinach and 150g poached chicken breast threatened with the salt and pepper shakers.
Admire an apple tree from afar. Do not be tempted by the fruit, it contains natural sugar.

OK, I am rambling, but going back to putting the weetbix in the fridge and the milk in the cupboard may also be an inkling that life is getting a little mundane, consisting of boring routines and predictability.

Are you thinking it is time to make a change to your everyday living? Does exploring Australia at your own pace appeal to you? Is it possible that a change of lifestyle might stimulate the brain cells into remembering where the milk and weetbix actually belong?

Hitting the frog and toad may actually stop you worrying about where you store your weetbix period. In fact, there is a good chance that weetbix are no longer part of your diet because the social network that surrounds you at various campgrounds has already baked you lemonade scones for breakfast.

Your nomadic socialites will argue that breakfast is settled and over a cuppa coffee it is finally agreed that your contribution is afternoon tea. This gives you plenty of time to dig out one of your favourite recipes and use your newfound neighbours as food critics. The afternoon is cruising by with great company, great food and a social beverage when participants of happy hour casually whip up a stew never recorded in any recipe book for dinner.

Variety in meals, less dishes, recipes shared and great laughs over a campfire will eventually override the concentration behind putting the milk in the fridge and the weetbix in the cupboard.

Choose Adventure before Dementia. What could be the worse case scenario? Seen it all, done it all, but cant remember most of it? 

Can you relate to this? Please let us all know via GNAs forum under category Article Feedback.

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