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Wheel Estate

When on the road, do you notice fellow nomads have a sticker emblazoned across their  BYO accommodation stating something like ‘The Wandering Wilson’s’, ‘I-Lean’, ‘Overdraft’, or ‘Gone with the Wind’?

I guess it makes sense, as most people name their family car plus all sea going vessels are named.

There would no doubt be reasons for needing to express familiarity with ones aluminium walled possession with automotive high gloss finish. I am curious what they would be.

This may be one scenario.

Imagine the inevitable grey nomad happy hour.

You booked ahead to secure a 6x12 foot slab of concrete sporting a nearby tap and power point. As you reverse into your designated site, with partner impersonating a trainee air traffic controller in your towing mirrors, you look forward to stretching and rubbing both buttocks after a long days drive.

Down with the jockey wheel and jacks, out with the awning and doormat, now you enjoy that stretch and have a good look around at your new neighbours and take note of their number plates. Yep; at least one from each state and territory.

A roar of laughter from a nearby camp reaches your ears as you rummage around for a stubby cooler bought 462 kilometres away.

Time to meet the mob, dinner can wait.

Cold stubby, wearing recently purchased cooler in one hand, fold up chair in the other, you and your partner head towards the gathering and introduce yourselves. A series of frequently asked questions come your way, and you answer them quite wittingly, as you have mastered them over weeks of travel. Where are you from? How long have you been travelling? Where are you going? Which one’s your rig?

Beer o’clock has somehow managed to override dinner time, but you feel quite happy sticking to the liquid diet at this very moment. You are too caught up with the stories, fun and laughter shared by your new found friends. One more won’t hurt.

However, heading back to camp, it occurs to you that there seems to be quite a few caravans where you thought you had parked your aluminium walled possession with automotive high gloss finish.

Now, could this be one reason for giving this particular caravan personal identification?

Have you named your BYO accommodation, what is it, and is there a reason behind it? 

Can you relate to this? Please let us all know via GNA’s forum under category Article Feedback.

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